Education is a pathway to change and our structures can be an exciting learning opportunity.   Natural Building reunites us with our roots; teaches us to compliment and celebrate nature in our built environments.  It promotes an awareness on minimalism and how our choices have a ripple effect on everything around us. Inexpensive, local and abundant materials partnered with simple techniques create opportunity for a deeper connection with our natural environments and the community around us.  It is empowering to people of all ages and experience levels; working together to CREATE.

Through workshop education students and homeowners can experience this and learn to build more naturally in our environment.  Many muddy hands make light work.

Consider hosting a workshop on your site.  I can help you with your design and we can implement a plan to hold a workshop to get your natural structure built.  I will come up with the project specific curriculum and we can work together to create a timeline that best suits your needs.  Again, I am willing to travel for the right project :)

Upcoming workshops! 
Workshops are being planned for Early Summer 2017 in Northern California.  Stay Tuned!  


Summer 2017 Potter Valley Workshops

4 Workshops going on through out the summer.  

There are 4 workshops happening through out the summer. We are building a 120 sq ft cabin and an outdoor shower room. Various building techniques will be taught, delicious meals prepared and fun community activities.  Come join us for a muddy fun time.


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December 2016 - March 2017

3 Day Natural Building Workshops

The course is a solid introduction to jumpstarting your natural building journey! While spending time with us in a beautiful and lush environment you will learn the important steps to take to analyze your site, how to choose climate specific building strategies, and conduct soil tests to start producing your own building recipes.  Start applying these building strategies immediately with hands on learning through our various ongoing projects.  You will work directly with clay, sand and natural fibers as ingredients to create ideal recipes for different wall systems.  Here at ASALANTA structures are built utilizing adobe, cob, and wattle & cob.  We are beginning to introduce earthbag systems, wattle & daub and getting creative with our earthen plasters.  

*workshops are cancelled after March 2017





3 Month Natural Building Experience 

Join us for a 3 month, long term stay and specialize in natural building. This long term stay is structured like an apprenticeship. While assisting with daily skill sessions and multiple intensive natural building workshops you learn a broad range of skills and various building methods like adobe and cob.  The curriculum is designed with 25 education hours each week.  This includes a minimum of 3 hours a week of the learn by teaching method, where you will guide visitors in practicing a natural building skill. We welcome you to take advantage of the opportunity to teach based upon what you have learned as well as other skills you may have and want to share.  You get to utilize our library, facilities and network.

*March to May session is cancelled






May-June 2016
Wall to Wall Workshop Series

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And check out the Wall to Wall Facebook page for updates :)

Come get muddy with expert renowned builder and author Michael G. Smith and myself in this  5 week workshop series with intensive instruction on how to build your own natural home.










February-April 2016

Workshops located on Koh Lanta Yai in southern Thailand.  These workshops are held at AsaLanta, an Asian Sustainability Academy.  We have many projects currently progressing, which enables students to get hands on experience in many different natural building techniques.  The schedule is structured to enable participants to learn everything they need to know to start their own projects while leaving time to enjoy yoga, meditation and what the island of Koh Lanta has to offer.




This week long workshop was a great success and each student left feeling confident to build their own natural structure.  We started with adobe brick making followed by laying the bricks for the start of a compost toilet and bathhouse.  Students learned soil testing for appropriate building techniques as well as site orientation and passive solar design.  Throughout the week demonstrations on cob, wattle & cob and wattle & daub (say that three times fast) taught different techniques for mud building.  As the week went on, students were able to work with earthen plastering, limewash and natural finish options.  We finished with a summary and discussion of the week.  


"The course was really useful. It took me from virtually zero knowledge to feeling confident to build for myself.  The hands on way of learning was great for me and my kids, and having worked on and completed a small project we had a sense of achievement at the end." - Steve

"Having signed up onto the course with little interest in natural building and expecting to last two days, I found myself falling in love with it and completing the full 6 days. I had the opportunity to learn from someone who was not only knowledgeable and forward thinking but graciously sharing and a pleasure to spend time with. If you ever get the chance to work with Amanda - grab it." -Neil