I love to share my sustainable building knowledge and to advise you through completion of your project.  I can provide you with the most appropriate environmental and economical choices for your specific location and project.  Ask specific questions regarding sustainability and how you can incorporate those practices into your daily routine.  Are you planning a remodel project and are unsure of your finish selection and material applications?  Are you planning a new construction project and would like to obtain information on all sustainable practices from site selection to finish materials.  Are you a residential contractor wanting to incorporate sustainable building into your current construction methods?

Interested in a natural built structure?  I can help you in the beginning stages of the design, make recommendations for your construction plans and how to select more sustainable options. Site selection and building orientation plays a key role in the design.  I can provide you with soil testing, passive solar techniques and choosing the appropriate natural building construction for your site and location.  Working alongside the homeowner, we can plan and implement natural building strategies from the foundation to the finishes. Depending on your location, I may be available for the duration of the building process.

I am currently residing in Northern California.  If your project is in the area and I am available, we can plan a site visit and meeting.  I am willing to travel if the timing and project is right.  Also if you are planning a project, consider getting it built through education.  I am available to teach workshops and work with the homeowner to plan for the most effective way to get your structure built.  

Every project is different and requires site specific research and information. Send an inquiry with information on your current project and lets get talking :)