Using Ash to Wash Dirty Dishes

When I arrived at AsaLanta, Asian Sustainability Academy on Koh Lanta one of the first things I learned was that they wash their dirty dishes with wood ash.  The only way to cook here is over a fire.  The mini concrete fire pit also collects the ash in the bottom.  This ash is then used to wash the dirty dishes! Naturally, I wanted to do a bit of research to learn about why this is effective.  Wood ash is a simple way to remove grease.  Mix the ash with water to make a paste and get cleaning.  The lye in the ash is what cuts the grease.  What is lye?  Lye is a strong alkaline solution that is used especially for washing and cleaning.  Only use ash that is from burning wood, not garbage or plastic.   

As I went further into my research I found a great article listing 30 uses for wood ash.  From removing stains on furniture, odor repellents, to brushing your teeth and even filtering water.  To read more about wood ash uses click here

Amanda FischerComment