I currently live in a trailer, by choice and I love it.  One of my passions is tiny homes and my first opportunity happened to be a trailer.  Coming out to California I knew I wanted a unique living situation.  Taking the opportunity to live in a small space really teaches you what necessities really are.  I find that people get overwhelmed by stuff; having too much of it or the desire to want more.  I am not only promoting sustainable practices but aim to live a sustainable life as well.  That being said, it is now officially summer.  The part of California I live in is now reaching temperatures of 100+ degrees.  Trailers are pretty much metal boxes.  In the current temperatures, it is pretty unbearable.  This provided a challenge.  

A friend of mine came out to visit for a week and one of our projects turned out to be creating an overhang to provide shade throughout the day.  What we came up with is a bamboo overhang directly over my trailer door.  The property that I am on recently had some renovations done.  These renovations included cutting down a bunch of bamboo to allow the contractor to get to the pipes underground.  A stack of bamboo had been lying around for weeks, while I brainstormed what to do with them.  This was the perfect opportunity.  

Using twine($3 a roll-the only cost), bamboo and lashing techniques we were able to create an efficient and sustainable overhang.  It has been a few days now and I am diligently taking notes.  The overhang seems to help the trailer to stay cool longer as the sun reaches its peak.  At around 2pm, the sun is passed its direct point over the trailer but still making it very hot inside.  After 2pm to around 5:30pm it is the hottest.  However, I have been able to sit outside my door and have enough shade to be comfortable.  As the sun begins to set I open my door and allow the cool air in to be able to sleep comfortably at night.  

My challenge for this blog is to simply be creative.  If something is needed, fight the urge to run to the nearest store and buy whatever is on the shelves.  Instead, look at your surroundings and challenge yourself to consider other options.  Humans have gotten very comfortable with things being readily available and easy.  Taking the time to create something gives you opportunity to really figure out what you need and provides you with the satisfaction of making it yourself.  

I plan to harvest more bamboo, but I am loving these reflections. 

I plan to harvest more bamboo, but I am loving these reflections. 

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