I've decided to make the first blog post about water.  I got to experience Northern California's winter this year, which was not as wet as we had hoped it would be.  Drought issues continue as we head into our dry season.  

Are you aware that the conventional shower provides 7-10 gallons per minute?  Water saving showers provide 2-4 gpm, gallons per minute.  California Green Building Standards Code aims for 2 gpm shower heads.  This is still a lot of water to shower with.  I understand after a long day, it is super nice to take a long relaxing shower.  But I challenge you to explore how much water you really need to become clean.  

Next time you shower, time yourself in your normal routine.  Even if you are taking a 5 minute shower, that is typically still 10-20 gallons of water being used depending on your shower head. 

The challenge: Fill up a 5 gallon bucket in the shower and use only that.  I currently have hair down to the middle of my back, this was still enough for me.  If you are willing to try this, it will give you a great sense of how much water people are using on a daily basis.  It is quite ridiculous and depending on your location, for the most part it is perfectly good drinking water.  

I do not shower this way all of the time, but it has made me more aware of how much water is really being used and how much is actually necessary.  Also, this is an awareness with showering...what about toilet flushing, dish washing, drinking and one of the greatest concerns, irrigation?