"The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation." - Albert Einstein  

"The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation." - Albert Einstein 


I am a designer and teacher.  I design and build sustainable structures that use the natural resources that are available: mud, sand and natural fibers. I hold a Masters in Interior Architecture & Design and began my career as a professor teaching in universities on the east coast. I moved to Northern California to pursue my passion for sustainable building.  Here I received a certification as a Sustainable Building Advisor in San Francisco, which has guided me to promote sustainability through all stages of our built environments.  Over the past  years I have more specifically been involved with natural building.

I am currently building and teaching in Nevada County, California.  

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A bit of a story…

Through out university I became passionate about sustainability and design but what was taught was more the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for buildings.  It was not until after university that I really started to hone in on what sustainability actually meant to me.  I backpacked through nine countries in Europe after graduation.  This allowed me to experience the different cultures and how they were living.  Upon returning to the states, my life took a big turn and I inherited a house with 40+ years of life within it.  Over the course of two years, I worked toward downsizing and learning to approach my decisions in a cost effective way; to find alternative to the conventional mortgage system.  During this time I was a professor to many different academic levels.  This enabled me to share my knowledge and mind set but also challenged me to consider what I really wanted to teach people.  After selling the house and finishing the spring semester, I packed everything I owned into my car and headed west.  On the road for 35 days and staying with many generous hosts, I again had insight into how and where people lived.  Briefly working on an Earthship in Tennessee, spending time in Taos and living off the grid in Northern California added in my desire to promote, design and live a sustainable lifestyle. 

While volunteering on many natural building projects, my passion grew stronger.  I participated in a workshop taught by Michael Smith, an amazing and well known natural builder.  Since then I have been jumping at every opportunity to get muddy, exploring the endless possibilities that come with using these natural materials.   I have been busy building and educating  through many projects across the states and now in Thailand.  

I am continuing my journey as a freelance natural builder and teacher.  I love to share my knowledge and experiences and to work together to design and build a beautiful natural structure. 

Amanda Fischer